Solid Debit Card

Solid Debit Card had a lot of the great features, but one of them worth million of words - Solid Debit Card worked for American online casino players. As simple as that. And Golden Casino was the first who adopted Solid Debit Card and it worked just great. But not anymore...

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In the recent times when managing money has become extremely difficult solid debit card is considered as an effective money management tool. Managing expenses and finances with the solid debit card is possible because it is on our hand to control the spending. It gives the convenience associated with plastic money and at the same time lets you ensure that you do not go over the limit with the spending. The solid debit card can be topped up online from an existing credit card or through wire transfer of funds from a bank account. As one is able to keep track of how much money has been loaded into the account, it gives the user the chance to manage the spending and in turn manage expenses.

The security issues relating to solid debit card also does not arouse any tension in your life as you can just log into your account or call someone when you loose your card and just suspend your cards account. In cases of emergency you can also call the customer service center on 1 800 202 463. If you wish to provide yourself with further security on your card you can also create your own pin when you receive the solid debit card and then further change the pin at your convenient selected ATMs. In case you forget your password or pin there is no need to worry as the security system of solid debit card allows you to call the customer services at any point of time and to take the assistance of the expert professionals. Even if a transaction which is not yours appears on your account then also you can contact the customer services. This card is so efficient that when the account expires also you do not need to worry. If your account is still in good standing you will be sent a replacement card one month prior to your expiry date.

The solid debit cards are better than credit cards while offering all the convenience of a credit card in terms of security, ease and acceptability. Credit Cards invariably draw huge interests on the amount spent along with transaction fees and taxes. Unmonitored use of credit cards does eventually lead to a debt trap which many are unable to overcome. Unlike this, a person using a solid debit card is essentially spending his or her own money. Thus the person is well aware of the limits available and avoids overspending and is at the same time able to make secure transactions which are not possible using the bank account linked debit cards. Procuring the card is said to be a very hassle free process where neither is one required to fill a lot of forms or go through a lengthy credit history r background check. On completing a simple application form one can expect to have a solid debit card within four to five working days of the application. On receiving the card, one must just activate the account and the card is ready to use.