Video slots

The Video Slot may very well, largely by itself, be responsible for the huge increase in popularity of the online gaming casino. All the other recent additions - the 3D Slot, Video Poker and others are basically derivatives or amendments to this riveting and visual experience. From the purely mechanical machine of the original Classic Slots, to the electronic intricacy of the present-day Video Slot, much has gone into making them the draw of the town.

What Does the Video Slot Offer?

The additions that a Video Slot offers over the Classic Slot are numerous. Along with the extra paylines and reels, you're pretty much guaranteed a Scatter Symbol, Wild Symbol, Bonus Games, Free Spins (usually resulting from the extra Bonus Game play and Multipliers - all of which conspire to give you extra chances at winning the end-game jackpot.

The Video Slot was responsible for the introduction of the now popular Bonus Round, which simply wouldn't have meshed with the Classic Slot. The Bonus Round is intended to draw the player into the story of the game even further, using animated scenes and ratcheting up the overall entertainment value of the Slot.

More often than not, you have to do something that unveils a prize at the end - or a choice from a selection of prizes, such as something behind a set of hidden doors. More than any other casino game, these have the opportunity to one day evolve into simulated gaming, given all the additions that software developers are slapping on. There are even Video Slots where the Bonus Round consists of you playing golf for a few rounds! Of course, even better ones are on the way in the future - but for the time being, feel free to peruse the category of Video Slots below.