UseMyWallet Casinos offer players in the US the ability to fund their account with credit cards or via bank wire. Touted as the safest and most secure method of making transactions at online casinos, US players can now play slot games at such casinos as:

In fact, any casino that has the UseMyWallet logo is available to any player from the US. Moreover, this method of funding was specifically designed for US players.

How does it work? Quite simply, when you visit an online casino you click on the UseMyWallet logo and request an invitation to use this service. In three days time, you will receive an email from the casino that offers instructions on how to register.

Another alternative method you can use to sign up with UseMyWallet is to contact the cashier at the online casino and let them know you wish to set up an account. They will then walk you through the sign-up process, and in three days you will be ready to go. There are no fees associated with opening a UseMyWallet account. However, after you start the process of depositing monies to your account, there will be a fee attached to any withdrawals you make.

Here is the information on how to UseMyWallet at the aforementioned casinos:

Free sign-up. Instant approval as long as you have a funded UseMyWallet e-wallet supported account. It is required that a deposit of $20.00 minimum and $500 maximum is placed per transaction.

Funding your UseMyWallet account can be accomplished in several ways. You can use a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Diners Club), bank transfers, Moneygrams, or Western Union. Once these funding methods are verified, the money will be available for you to access.

Here are a few tips that will help US players to begin the process of using UseMyWallet for online casinos. If you utilize credit cards, keep in mind they may carry a 5% surcharge. Although bank wires are free, they take a bit longer to process.

Overall, however, you can be assured that the process is secure and that your account is safe. Moreover, it is the most trusted transaction you will ever make at any online casino that offers this service. Why? When you sign-up at an online casino and wait for the invitation to open your account, this decreases the amount of traffic on the casino’s network and allows for closer scrutiny of the transactions.

UseMyWallet casinos offers a user-friendly and convenient method of funding new accounts, and is well-respected and widely popular among US players.