Cubits is a young and upcoming Bitcoin transfer processing platform that has only been operating since the year 2014, but has steadily become more popular among consumers and companies who buy and operate online. The company aims to make the payment process quicker, more secure and also cheaper, and it does this by successfully connecting conventional financial payment transfer services with the blockchain technology and the popular Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Conveniently Handle Your Bitcoin Transfers with Cubits

Via the Cubits platform, you can purchase the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and you can accept it or sell it. No less than 17 currencies are supported for the buying and selling process. The cooperation with other money transfer services, like for example credit card companies, Sofort Banking and Rapid Transfer, ensures that customers have convenient experiences while they are in the process of buying or selling Bitcoin. As a member, you will make use of a wallet that allows you to store Bitcoin safely, and you can use the wallet to make your purchases or transfers.

On the merchant's side, there is the Cubits API, which makes it easy for a brand to connect with the Bitcoin payment option via shopping cart plugins from well-known names like osCommerce and Shopify. This is a convenient service for merchants, and more and more online service providers are now starting to make use of it. Among those service providers are for example online casino websites that have added the Bitcoin payment processor to their list of safe to use companies that casino members can pick when they want to make a deposit or a withdrawal.

Are You Already Using Bitcoin and Cubits to Process Payments?

In the last couple of years, Bitcoin has become a very strong competitor of traditional payment services, and the popularity of this cryptocurrency will certainly continue to rise now that more and more people know about it and get familiar with it. Are you already a fan of Bitcoin and all the amazing possibilities that the cryptocurrency blockchain technology can offer now and in the future? Do you often make online purchases with Bitcoin, for example when you process deposits at an online casinos to be able to wager with the popular cryptocurrency? Then it certainly can't hurt to pick Cubits the next time you see it offered as a payment option on the platform that you're active at.