My Bonus 4 Life

Intertops is an online sportsbook betting establishment and casino that is popular with gamers and gamblers all over the world. It is one of the largest sites of its kind on the Internet. In fact, the first online sports bet ever placed was at Intertops. This gambling site features one of the lowest minimum stakes to be found online. Intertops prides itself on keeping their customers satisfied and coming back for more fun.

Customized Promotions Rock!

Intertops recently joined other online casinos in offering a new sort of customized rewards program that can be tailored to suit an individual’s needs. Known as My Bonus 4 Life, this promotion is proving to be one of the most popular ever offered by Intertops. My Bonus 4 Life is player-specific in that it takes into consideration the player’s gaming activity for the previous month in order to determine the type and size of the promotions and/or bonuses that will be offered to the player.

What My Bonus 4 Life Does

The promotions that are offered to players by My Bonus 4 Life are in line with their activity. For example, if you are someone who plays slots exclusively, your promotions will come to you in a private message offering rewards geared towards that type of online casino game. Instructions for taking advantage of the offered promotion are included in this message, as are the terms and conditions you must adhere to in order to claim the promotion.

Twelve Times a Year

Players will find a message at their registered email address detailing new promotions geared to their playing and spending habits each month. The observation has been made that those gamers who wager large amounts each month are offered the best personalized promotions and bonuses. The monetary amount of the bonus promotion offered will always be in direct proportion to the amount that was wagered by the player the previous month.

Loyal Patrons Are Rewarded

My Bonus 4 Life offers fantastic promotions and bonuses that may be used to bet on any of the games in the online casino that offers this new loyalty program. Whether your favorite pastime at a virtual casino is blackjack, roulette, other table games, or slots, you can count on My Bonus 4 Life to supply you with monthly bonuses and promotions that can really help you to stretch your slots budget and get more bang for your buck!