Bovada Withdrawal Options

The Bovada withdrawal options are easy methods to get your account funded or your payouts transferred. Bitcoin and check by courier are the services that will make your experience at this casino convenient. Read on to find out how you can make use of these money transfer services in a convenient manner.

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw from Bovada?

Your money transfer request first needs to be approved, and that process can take a total of two days. Once your withdrawal is approved, it depends on your preferred payout method how long it takes before you can see the actual money in your bank account or online wallet. There are two withdrawal options at this casino, and the Bovada Bitcoin withdrawal time is the fastest of those options. With Bitcoin, you will receive your fund in about 15 minutes after it is transferred from the casino.

The second available payout option is check by courier. This option has a slower transfer period. After the fund is released, it will take around 10 to 15 days before you can make use of the money when you choose the Bovada check by courier withdrawal option.

How Much Money Do You Need to Withdraw from Bovada?

In the case of Bitcoin, there is a Bovada withdrawal minimum of $10. If you choose for the Bovada withdrawal check by courier option, then you need to make sure that your payout request has a minimum value of $100. There are also maximum payout limits, which are $9.500 for Bitcoin and $3.000 for check by courier.

How to Withdraw Money from Bovada?

It is easy to request a withdrawal at this casino platform. Make sure that you are logged in within your account and then click on the balance tab or your name. You will then see the dashboard page on which you can request a payout. A drop-down menu will show you the available withdrawal methods. After you've made your choice, you are asked to provide the withdrawal amount. The last step is to select 'Request Withdrawal, after which you will see that the requested payout is pending.

Make sure to check out the available promotions on the casino website before you process your payout, because you might be able to benefit from an extra Bovada withdrawal bonus that will give your fund an extra boost.

How Can I Deposit Money on Bovada?

Just as that it is easy to withdraw money from this casino, it is also easy to fund your account. Once again, you need to make sure you are logged in first. If this is the case, then you can locate the balance link at the right corner on top of the casino web page. Additionally, you can select the 'make a deposit' key that is visible within your casino account dashboard. Once you're ready to deposit, you will first get to choose between the available money transfer services. When you've made your choice, the only thing left to do is to determine the amount of your purchase.

Pay and Collect with Ease at Bovada Casino

With these easy steps for making a withdrawal or a deposit, it becomes convenient to play with your funds and have fun with your paid out wins. And if you happen to run into any Bovada payout problems, then the casino support staff will be happy to help you get back on track.

Customer support representatives are just a few clicks away. You can reach them via the live chat service on the website, via the telephone (1-888-263-0000), or via the web form on the casino's contact page. Additionally, you can also send out an email to if you need help with your deposit process.