Epic Super 6 Slots Winning Streak

Jackpot Capital Casino (http://www.jackpotcapital.eu) can add a new big winner to its records. In this case, it was a Kuwait based soldier who managed to make it big on the reels of Super 6 Slots. During an epic winning streak in the weekend, Michael M. managed to pocket over a half million dollars.

According to Oliver Smith, the manager from Jackpot Capital Casino, the regular player's stroke of luck started when he landed six, 10X multiplier Scroll symbols on the reels. This granted him a win of no less than $180,000. The second big win followed soon when Michael made another 10 times multiplier spin with six Fans; adding $116,475 to his bankroll.

And it didn't stop there, because the lucky player then managed to make another six scrolls win that was boosted by a 4X multiplier. By doing so, he placed another big amount of 48,000 in his pockets. To top it all off, Michael then proceeded to spin six Fireworks reel attributes that were combined to a 10X multiplier. That spin brought him another big win of $12,000, bringing the total win amount for the weekend to a staggering $541,090.

Big Rewards Let You Make Big Plans

With so much money suddenly ending up in your pockets, the world opens up for you. The 46 years old Michael M. can now make his dreams come true with his newly found fortune. Once he gets home, he plans to purchase a decked Indian Bike and he wants to go on a cruise. Furthermore, he also wants to see a couple of Irish castles.

Experience the Money Making Power and Joy of Super 6 Slots

Here is some more information about the game that made it all happen for the lucky soldier. Super 6 Slots is made by Realtime Gaming (RTG). It has a Chinese themed reel frame that lets you spin a total of six reels. In order to make big profits from the game, you need to make use of powerful features such as for example win multiplying scatters, grouped wilds and the SUPER 6 bonus.

Enjoy All the RTG Games That Jackpot Capital Casino Has to Offer

Besides Super 6 Slots, Jackpot Capital Casino has a whole bunch of other games that are created by Realtime Gaming. Many of these games can also be enjoyed on the go via the casino's mobile platform. There, you will find tablet and smartphone friendly versions of RTG games. Try them all out on the regular and/or the mobile casino to test your own luck. As you can see in the case of Michael M, luck can suddenly strike you, and it can do so repeatedly in a very short amount of time.