Slot machines

Slot machines were first invented between 1987 - 1895 by Charles Fey. Fey devised a one arm bandit slot machine which consisted of 3 spinning reels with 5 symbols on them, the symbols were; horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and a liberty bell, which became the machine’s name. The liberty bell slot machine became a huge success and spawned many imitations and successors. Nowadays slot machines can be played amidst the excitement of the land based casinos or online in comfort of the player’s home. Since the Liberty Bell slot machine, slot games are now offered with 3 or 5 reels, higher jackpots and more defined graphics.

Online Vs Land based

Land based casinos are the traditional gambling house, which have developed from the old style saloons. In a land based casino players buy their chips, select a table or game of their choice and start to play. In terms of playing slot machines in an in a land based casino players are limited in the interface element that are offered. The online casino will entice new and existing players by offering incentives and rewards, two of the best online casinos for slot machines include; Lincoln Casino and SlotoCash Casino. Another feature of the video slot machine is its interface. As the online slot game is essentially a computer game players are provided with more interactive bonus games as well as more advanced game graphics.

3 reels

3 reel slot machines are a more traditional game and can feature between 1-3 pay lines, though they more commonly just have 1 pay line. Each 3 reel slot game is unique and has individual symbols which depend on their overall theme. Some 3 reel slot machines also wild and scatter symbols as well as multipliers and bonus games. Both Lincoln and SlotoCash have a huge number of 3 reel slot games. The most popular slot games at SlotoCash include; Crazy Dragon and Lucky Lightnin, for Lincoln they include; Atomic Jackpot and Monte Magic.

5 reels

The 5 reel slot machines offer a more exciting slot gaming experience with their 20 – 25 pay lines, wild symbols, scatter symbols and bonus games. Many 5 reel slot games feature multipliers, progressive jackpots and free spin rounds. There is an extensive array of 5 reel slot games available from SlotoCash and Lincoln Casino. The popular slots at SlotoCash Casino include; Loose Caboose and Mayan Queen. For Lincoln Casino slots the popular games include; Cupids Arrow and La Fiesta.