Win a Million Slots

Fans of slot machines are sure to enjoy this one, Win a Million Slots from Lincoln Casino. It is one of the games that can help you gain more from a few cents or dollars by simply letting the reels run their course so that the symbols that could gain you more money will fall into place. You get a crack at playing the bonus round and play 5 paylines at one time. Add the free spins, and you have all the ingredients you need to get things going your way.

Navigating the Game Buttons

There are a few buttons on Win a Million that you need to be familiar with so you can play with ease and continuity. The Bet One button allows a player to increase or decrease the bet if the value is over what you want to bet on a particular payline. When the value reaches the maximum coin bet, it would start over with the minimum coin bet. Bet Max lets a player bet the maximum coin bet without having to click on the controls several times. At the same time, pressing this button allows the reels to start turning and spinning to indicate the start of play. While the reels are spinning, you have the option to press on Stop Spin for the reels to stop spinning any further, instead of allowing them to stop on their own.

Like other slot machines, you will also see a button for Autoplay. This function allows the game to go on without the need to manually hit the Spin button every time. If you wish to view the table of payouts, you may do so at anytime by clicking on the Paytable button. If you want to return to the game at hand, just click on To Reels to return to the game window.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

Find a million scattered among the reels and expect a winning that is higher than usual. Anytime this comes up on the reels, even if not on an active payline, it would generate a payout for the player. The higher the coin bet, the bigger the payout. Add the wild symbol of a man with some girls, and you get a chance to substitute it with other symbols to gain a winning combination. But if it’s a scatter or bonus symbol of a suitcase, the wild symbol will not work.