Makitone Gaming is an innovative casino entertainment software producer that focuses on the production of desktop and mobile friendly HTML5 games. All of its creations are developed with the help of cutting-edge technologies. They stand out because of their pleasing animations, sounds and graphics so playing them will certainly be a satisfying experience. Proceed to play these games on the go, because they are all mobile friendly, and they run smoothly on a broad variety of portable devices. For example, play them on a Blackberry OS 10, an iPhone, an Android device or a Windows Phone. All in all, this producer offers dynamic and flexible software solutions that match well with various casino game playing markets and models.

Enjoy a Small but Exclusive Online Slot Machine Game Selection

At the moment, Makitone Gaming's casino entertainment library consists of a small but exclusive online slot machine selection. There are five well designed titles in this collection, and their names are Secrets of a Geisha Slots, The Gang Job Slots, Koi Garden Slots, Vikings' Victory Slots and Caesar's Triumph Slots.

Learn more about three of these slot games by reading the short reviews below. Test them out for free on the website from this game developer if they catch your interest after reading the reviews, and then proceed to play for real coins if you can no longer resist the temptation of winning some lucrative cash rewards.

Let Yourself Be Profitably Entertained by Secrets of a Geisha Slots

The mysterious and beautiful Geisha is an important figure in the Japanese culture, and a strong cultural icon in the world. Ask people what they know about Japan, and many of them will mention the Geisha.

The traditional Geisha is a Japanese woman who takes on the role of hosting and entertaining all sorts of people. And from now on, she will also be able to entertain slot title gamblers when they play Secrets of a Geisha Slots on a Makitone Gaming powered casino platform.

This easy to play slot title has a total of 5 reels and 25 pay lines. On these reels and via these pay lines, you will create winning symbol combinations that consist of traditional and familiar looking Japanese attributes like the wooden slippers, the fan (wild), the kimono and of course the Geisha herself. Line them all up and collect your prizes in the land of the rising sun. Along the way, you will also pick up some generous multipliers and free spins.

Release Your Inner Criminal With The Gang Job Slots and Snatch Those Cash Prizes

The second game on this review list takes you to another mysterious world. This time, it is the world of gangsters that opens up its usually closed doors and provides a unique peek inside. Pay attention, because you might learn something valuable from these money grabbing mobsters. After all, they know how to quickly obtain those dollar bills.

Obtaining them might now also become your skill when you line up the symbols from this game in a perfect order and crack the code that opens up the treasure vault. It is a world of crime in this 5 reel and 25 pay line slot machine, and that means you will get to see animated symbols like the handcuffs, the knife, the police officer (wild), the bonus vault, the gun, and a bunch of dancing gangsters.

Release the criminal inside you and join the inner crime circle in The Gang Job Slots. And remember that since it is a game, you will not get caught and send to prison in real life. However, you might suddenly escape to a real life tropical paradise if one of your spinning crimes on the reels turns out to be a very successful and lucrative job.

Add Another Success Story to the Slot Gambling History Books With Caesar's Triumph Slots

Prepare for an army of powerful prizes that will march in your direction when you play the quirky, Roman themed, slot title Caesar's Triumph Slots. And when you talk about strong armies, especially in connection with the historic theme of this game, then it is only a short step to the might of the legions in the Roman Empire. And when you take about the Roman soldiers, then you quickly end up by one of their most famous leaders.

Emperor Julius Caesar was a powerful and influential man in the ancient world. However, his influence and fame have reached so far, that even thousands of years later, he is still a familiar figure in modern day books and movies. And nowadays, he has even starred in a couple of slot games.

Caesar's Triumph Slots is one of those slots that introduces you to the world of this ancient author, general and politician. It displays an array of Roman and Caesar themed symbols like for example the Roman helmet, the Roman Horn, a platoon of soldiers (wild), and the mighty leader himself. Line up all the important slot icons with the help of 5 reels and 20 pay lines to collect your winnings, multipliers and free spin opportunities. If it all goes well, you might up add another success story to the slot gambling history books.

Get Ready to Play

Makitone Gaming does not have a large game selection yet, but the titles that you do find in its collection are easy to understand and fun to play. Additionally, they can also be very profitable if you show some good spinning skills and add a dash of luck.

Plan a few hours of relaxing gaming and gambling time on your desktop, or try to find a few minutes of mobile gambling play time while you are on the road but feel the strong urge to win a couple of cash prizes. There are five games to choose from, and all of them will keep you busy and entertained during the moments that you wish to play.