American Roulette

Game simplicity and unrivaled excitement makes roulette a classic and indispensable table game in any casino. Despite the relatively higher house edge over the player, casino goers still flock to the roulette table, thanks to the game’s simplicity and virtually randomized turn of events.

American Roulette is a variation of Roulette. It differs with European Roulette mainly on the number of slots available for the players. European Roulette, on the other hand, has 37 slots numbered 0 through 36, while American Roulette has 38 slots number 0 through 36 plus an additional ‘00’ slot. This difference, in turn, affects the odds of winning.

Betting, Turning and Winning

The rule of Roulette is easy. Your aim is to predict the correct numbered slots among the possible 38 slots where the ball could possible land on. To do so, you can bet on any number, number combination, or number patterns; each with different odds and different payout rates.

American Roulette revolves around betting. Betting draws the line between a high-rolling roulette player and the low-action player. It defines players who win big one time, and players who prefer to win big over a period of time. Moreover, players don’t have much to do after placing their bets with the exception of collecting the winnings.

Whatever the player's style is, they can choose to make inside or outside bets. Inside bets are made in the inner region of the table. It includes bets such as Straight, Split, Street Corner, Five-Line, and Six-Line. Inside bets have generally lower probability compared to outside bets, but the payout is generally larger.

Outside bets are bets made outside the table grid lines. It includes Column, Dozen, and Even Money; Odd/Even, High/low, and Red/Black. These have higher odds compared to inside bets but they pay generally lower. Thus, here is where strategy plays a key role. Are you aggressive roulette player with lots of money to stand the temporarily losses? Are you a newbie trying to understand what roulette is all about? Choose the right strategy for you and stick to it, don't let emotions bring you down!

Where to Play American Roulette

The popularity of the game makes American Roulette available in many casinos all over the world. The internet also hosts thousands of browser-based or downloadable American Roulette you can play for free or for money. You may prefer online gambling over land-based casinos, especially if you’re do not live close to the Vegas area, and you don’t have the time or money to splurge on such a costly trip. Online casinos such as Liberty Slots Casino offer American Roulette among their wide range of gaming options. Learn as you play with gaming software, and gain a better appreciation of the game and develop your own strategy to win.