Bingo Bucks

Many gamers are familiar with the traditional bingo game that uses a card with numbers under each of the letters of B-I-N-G-O. Numbers are picked out randomly, and players need to create the pattern required to win. Playing Bingo Bucks at Liberty Slots Casino will be an experience you will not want to miss. Come and see what is different from this bingo game, and how much fun you can get by playing the game at Liberty Slots Casino.

Bet Limits and Great Payouts

One of the areas you should look up when visiting Liberty Slots Casino to play Bingo Bucks is the help site. This provides information on the topic regarding the limits set for betting and corresponding payouts for bingo patterns that you can create. Since Bingo Bucks has 12 paylines with five rows and columns in the game, a player can bet from $0.25 up to twelve $5 in coin denominations.

The payout is fabulous with 1000 for BINGO, 100 for 5 of a kind, 50 for BING and INGO. Get BIN, ING or NGO, and the payout is set at 25. Four of a kind is at 12 for a multiplier, full house at 10, and 3 of a kind gets 6. Two pair gets 5. So, there’s a lot of opportunity if you get more cards to play at the same time.

Unlike Slot Machines

For new players to the game, you might think that this special game is similar to slot machine; but this is not exactly accurate. Bingo Bucks uses spinning balls where the number on the spinning ball stopped is marked off on the enabled pay line. So, say you have enabled only the first 6 paylines but not the last 6, should a spinning ball stop at a number on one of the inactive paylines, this will not be counted. Symbol combinations determine the amount of winnings paid out to a player as well as the amount of the bet placed. So, the formula for the calculation of winning should be the total coins won multiplied by the coin value played.

The game is set in 3 simple steps. Bet using the plus or minus signs or just hit Bet Max for automatic maximum betting for that game (all paylines will be activated for that game). Decide on the coin bet for activated paylines. Lastly, hit on Roll to start the balls in motion and see where it stops.