Red Dog

Because of its fast-paced nature and simplicity, Red Dog has earned its slot in the online casino world and has given players a shift from the more popular casino games. It was once called Ace-Deuce, In Between, Between the Sheet, Yablon, and many others; but most casinos that offer this game of chance have used the name Red Dog since the 80s.

Playing Red Dog

The rules for playing Red Dog are easy once the concept of ‘spread’ has been cleared. Spread is basically the number of spaces between two cards. For example, 3c and 6h has a spread of 2 while 5h and 6s have no spread. The aim of the game is to predict whether the value of the third card will fall between the two previously dealt cards.

In Red Dog, cards are valued much like poker and suits are not considered. An Ace is always high. A deck of 52 standard playing cards are used for the game. The minimum bet for playing Red Dog is $5, and the maximum is $300 per game.

The players begin by making an ante bet. After the bets have been made, the dealer draws two cards and places a red dog on the table, indicating the spread between the two cards. Should the dealer draw two consecutive cards, a third card will not be drawn, the hand would be declared a push, and the bets are returned. If the dealer has drawn a pair, a third card is drawn, and if the card is similar to the first two, all players are paid 11:1, other wise it will be declared a push, and the bets are returned to players. If non-consecutive cards have been drawn, the spread is announced and marked. The players now have the option to raise their initial bet or stand on it. After bets have been made, the dealer draws the third and last card. Players win if the value of the third card falls between the two cards. The players lose if the value of the third card is nowhere in between the two cards, or when it ties with either of the two card’s value.

Where to Play Red Dog

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