Tri-Card Poker

Tri-Card Poker is a poker variation where the object is to beat the dealer using a three-card hand. It gives players a break from orthodox casino games by giving players a chance to play a game that is easy to learn, requires little strategy, and gives decent returns when played properly. This enjoyable casino game is also known as Poker Three, Three-Card Poker, Tri-Poker, or Tri-Card Poker.

Tri-Card Hands

There are six possible card combinations in Tri-Card Poker. These card combinations are used in calculating Tri-Card Poker winnings, and they are ranked using standard poker rules. Tri-Card Poker hands includes High Card, Pair, Flush, Straight, Three-of-a-Kind, and Straight Flush. High Card is a card combination that is composed of three cards with no ranks, sequence, or suit consideration. A Pair is a combination of a pair and any other card. A Flush is a combination of cards with similar suits. A Straight is a combination of three sequential unsuited cards, while a Three-of-a-Kind is a combination of three similarly ranked cards. The highest card combination is a Straight Flush, which is composed of three similarly-suited cards in a sequence.

How You Play Tri-Card Poker

The game starts when players place an Ante Bet, Pair Plus Bet, or the two together to join the game. Ante and Raise Bets are made to enable gamblers to play against the dealer’s hand, while Pair Plus bets are made to wager on whether your hand will have any cards at least a pair or better.

After the wagers have been made, the dealer will deal three cards for each player and three cards for himself. The players have the option to fold the cards and forfeit the wager, but if the player believes the hand has a chance to beat the dealer’s hand, he has to make a Raise Bet equivalent to the amount of the Ante Bet.

After the player makes a wager, the dealer will reveal his cards. If the dealer has a Queen card or something better, the dealer compares his hands with the players’, and if he has none, he will keep his cards and pay the players 1:1 on the Ante wager, and the Raise is declared as a push. If the dealer has a stronger hand, the player is defeated on both the Raise and the Ante wager. If the player’s hand shows a straight or better, the dealer will pay the player based on a predetermined payout table.

Where You Play It

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