Playing with a Partner

You love to relax with a cocktail and hit the online video poker while the love of your life sits in the next room. Or you just told your best friend that you can't go out tonight because you plan to stay home and try a new online slot machine. Or you just wish you could join in the fun that your significant-other finds in the online casino. If any of these describe your evening, then here are a few ideas to turn your solitary gaming experience into a party for two or more.

Gaming Dates

Most online casinos have tournaments where you can play head to head with other people live. Many of these have instant message boards so you can chat with the other players while you play. Take this social gambling a step further and meet a friend online in a tournament or at the poker table. It's easy to prearrange these Gaming Dates with people all over the world using your email. And it's a great way to keep in touch with someone who lives far away. Or a way to relax with a friend from work.

Girls Night In

Instead of going out to the local club with the girls and paying $9 a drink, have the girls over for a Casino Party. Get the ingredients for your favorite cocktails, set up a lap top for everyone and log in to the online casino. Once everyone is in the lobby pick a game. There are table games, and slots. Or plan the night around a tournament that each of you participates in.

If you don't all go in for the same game, then mix it up. The best part is that you don't have to go across the casino to play the game you want while your girlfriend stays at the craps table. You're still sitting next to each other and they are there for you when you hit the big win. You can prearrange that the winners treat the rest to delicious take-out or brunch the next day. Or everyone can keep their winnings and go on an online shopping spree or save it up for the next Girl's Casino Party.

Romantic Rivals

If you are in a relationship where one or both of you have discovered the excitement of online casinos, there are ways to enjoy the fun together. Join the same casinos and play head to head in tournaments or just enjoy playing the slots while sitting next to each other in bed. If you like competition, keep a running tally of wins so you know which one of you is ahead. Or play together as a team. You can take turns or watch while the other plays. Cuddled with a laptop between you and share a kiss for every win.

Keep The Game Going

As I mentioned, you can keep the game going by keeping a running tally of your wins. This works for couples or groups. Then you can see over time how you're poker buddies' skills are improving or if anyone has pulled ahead in wins. In between games nights you can tell each other about new games you've found or tips and advice you have to improve each other's game. On road trips, play the alphabet game: take turns listing what you'd buy when you hit the jackpot alphabetically. An Airplane. A trip to the Bahamas. A Convertible. A Diamond ring. You'll find you'll always have something to talk about. Online gaming doesn't have to be a solitary experience. Invite someone to play with you the next time you go online.