Slots Bonuses

The variety of slots out there runs the gamut from simple one line, three reel fruity pub types to the complex, story driven video slots with muli-level bonus structures and several different bonus types. The stories and graphics certainly work to draw in the slots lovers; but ultimately, it’s the range and intensity of bonuses within each slot game that keep the loyal players coming back for more. The action build up in each game consists of the anticipation of waiting for the big bonus to hit on one of your paylines. As intriguing and beautiful as any slot might be, it’s the potential for making huge money that motivates the kind of play that you want to be.

Slots Bonuses: The Who

Any worthwhile bonus slot usually offers several different kinds of bonuses. These include scatter symbols, wilds, substitutes, free spins, bonus rounds and more. Each of these different variations offer spice and increase your chances of winning larger and larger payouts. It’s important to have at least a working knowledge of what each symbol means to help you determine which bonus slot is right for you. So, for example, a scatter symbol widens the narrowness of a particular payline by including that symbol whether it’s directly on the payline or not. A substitute symbol will substitute for another lower payout symbol when it lands on the payline, oftentimes multiplying the payout several fold. Triggering the free spins is always a welcome bonus, especially when any win won during the free spin mode is multiplied, as well. It’s the bonus round that most savvy players are always shooting for, as it is usually both exciting and highly profitable. On top of all this are the progressive slot machines with throw into the mix the possibility of hitting the massive progressive jackpots constantly accumulating at the casino.

Slots Bonuses: The How

This is the easy part – play as many slots as you can as often as you can. The more you play, the better informed you’ll be about which bonus slots offer the best payouts and most fun. It is also recommended to keep coming back to our site to see which new bonus slots have just been released and what each one is offering. The bottom line is, there are lots and lots of choices out there, with each bonus slot providing their own flavor. Don’t be shy about experimenting and checking out a bunch of different bonus slots before you settle on a few of your favorites.