Aces and Faces Video Poker - Winning and Knowing Your Way Through

Video Poker has always been a popular casino game because of the promising chances of winning. Also, Video Poker can give you that detachment you need as you can play the game by yourself. Given that all you have to do is play by yourself, the rules in Video Poker are not very complex and hard to follow. The same goes for Aces and Faces Video Poker, one of the variations of Video Poker that has never failed to boost the popularity of LibertySlots Casino. Of course, Liberty Slots is the only place where you can experience the optimum joy Aces and Faces Video Poker can offer. Download LibertySlots Casino software and play Aces and Faces Video Poker!

Spelling the Difference

Aces and Faces Video Poker is actually a mirror image of the classic and well-known game Jacks or Better Video Poker. The only difference in Aces and Faces is that the cards with Aces and Faces are of a higher value, whereas in Jacks or Better Video Poker, what is more valued are the cards. As such, the payout when you get Aces and Faces (King, Queen or Jack cards) are much higher than other cards, such as numbered cards. Also, in Aces and Faces, there are no Wild Cards. This can definitely be a downside, since Wild Cards can save you when you need it the most since they are usually substitutes for everything under the sun. The maximum payout you can win at this game is 4,000 coins. The value of the coins depend on how much you wagered in the first place, so you better be sure of how much you are willing to wager.

Playing Aces and Faces

You have to get a card combination better than what is drawn by the machine, which is in this case, the computer’s AI. You will have to rely not only on luck here but also on strategy, as you will decide in the end what cards to let go and to keep. If you get the cards with Aces and Faces, though, make sure that you use them wisely!