Double Joker Video Poker

Video Poker has always been a mainstay hit for online casino gamers. It is possibly the best manifestation of an online casino game there is. After all, in Video Poker, you battle your guts out against a machine that deals you cards continually, while you decide which cards to keep and discard in order to get the best combination attainable. Along the process, you are helped by wild cards which are, in this case, the joker cards. You will truly find the experience of Double Joker Video Poker nothing short of amazing and worth your coins because you will surely end up winning something at the very least, even until the last card has been drawn. Make no mistake that playing Double Joker Video Poker in LibertySlots Casino is just about the best choice you have, since this online casino beats other online casinos in terms of the quality of games, as well as the customer support service rendered.

The Rules of Double Joker Video Poker

The opponents in Video Poker are either yourself or the machine that deals you the cards. You battle with yourself in an attempt to rationalize the best possible combinations - given the cards that you have in your hand, the cards that you have discarded, and the cards that have yet to be dealt. What you have to do is to make sure that you maximize the cards that you are dealt with by aiming for the best combination possible. But, of course, this will not happen 100% of the times, so you might need to step down and adjust your priorities to befit a combination lower than what you are aiming for. This is a strategy that might not earn you the top prize but will nevertheless earn you a prize worthy of your efforts.

The Defining Point of Double Joker Video Poker

Thus far, you haven’t been appropriately informed about the difference of Double Joker Poker. First of all, you are going to be dealt with cards not from a standard 52-card deck but from a 54 card deck. This is because both the Joker cards are included in the deck. They are considered Wild cards or cards that can stand for any winning combination that you are aiming for. The least winning combination considered in Double Joker Video Poker is Two Pairs. This means that if you have one card, all you might need to do is pair it with the wild card Joker, and you already receive a payout.