Joker Poker

What makes Video Poker so much fun when played online is the fact that you are given an ample amount of time to think over the combination of cards you want to pursue. This is definitely an important factor because you don’t want to end up regretting that you have given up a card that you realize is invaluable to you. When playing Video Poker online, you get the luxury of time and knowing that you can use other methods in order to win that specific round such as a calculator or specific software for Video Poker hand combinations. Video Poker is good when played online, but much better when played online in Liberty Slots Casino – a place where you can experience top notch services in online casino gaming. As with the variations of Video Poker, you ought to consider Joker Poker, especially if you are a beginner in playing Video Poker.

The Rules of Joker Poker

Joker Poker’s rules do not differ from all the other Video Poker variations. As the cards are dealt to you, you then are at a liberty to decide which cards to discard and retain. This cycle goes on until the last card has been drawn. Your last hand will be evaluated according to the possible winning combinations, and will hence be awarded accordingly.

The Uniqueness of Joker Poker

Because the rules of Joker Poker are the same as in every Video Poker game, how exactly does Joke Poker differ from all these Video Poker games? Unlike the usual video poker variations, you are not dealt with a 52-card deck. Rather, in Joker Poker, you are going to be dealt with a 53-card deck since the Joker card is included in the equation. The role of the Joker card here is to be a wild card – which means that it can substitute for any card in any winning combination. You don’t have to worry about losing just one last card in the equation – the Joker card can readily serve as a substitute for you. If you get the highest possible winning combination – or a Royal Flush – then you get 5,000 coins.