Multihand Jacks or Better Poker

One of the most popular video poker games nowadays is known as Jacks or Better, which can be played with multiple hands of two to four. This is a contest between a player and the machine alone, instead of matching skills with other poker players around a table. It is a game meant for the enjoyment of players while having the opportunity to win huge payouts from card combinations that meet the standards set for payouts at Crazy Slots Casino. All needed information about Liberty Slots banking system, bonuses and promotions can be found at Liberty Slots Casino page.

Goal of the Game

Similar to what we usually watch in poker game tournaments and other table games, the player in Jacks or better also have to present the best hand possible to win big payouts. No need to worry about keeping track of your opponents in this game because all you need to do is determine which cards dealt to you are worth keeping and discarding. After looking at your hand, replace unwanted cards by drawing from the deck. Unlike other video poker, no wild cards are used in Jacks or better. Therefore, if you have an opportunity to set a winning hand, you even have the option of doubling your original bet.

Basic Regulations for the Game

Like most other video poker games, you will realize that this is a combination of regular poker in a slot machine format. As a player, you have the option to hold on to some of the cards and replace them if you feel that it will benefit you. The better the hand and the bet, the higher the payout will be. Should one or more of the hands being played win the bet, the corresponding payout will be shown to the player to view inside the winning hand or hands. When the hands being played are finished, the 52 deck of cards for 2-4 hands are reshuffled so that the players begin again with a clean slate. After pressing deal to start the game, each hand is dealt from different decks but with equal values so that you have a maximum of four opportunities to win. If you get a good combinations such as a flush, straight, full house, four of a kind, or better; you may choose to hold on to those cards and be eligible for up to 4 times your bet.