Tens or Better Video Poker

For a Video Poker game to be exciting, it must not only be entertaining but it also has to have that challenging factor about it. For the best place to enjoy a good and challenging round of Video Poker, LibertySlots Casino is the place for you. Download LibertySlots software and you'll see that this online casino offers a huge variety of Video Poker games including Tens or Better – possibly one of the more challenging Video Poker games you can find in the online gambling circuit.

What Are the Rules For Tens or Better?

Similar to other Video Poker games, Tens or Better is the combination of cards you have. As the machine deals you cards from its standard 52-card deck, make sure that you already have a combination in mind. This combination, of course, might need to be adjusted from one point to another because of the fact that the cards being dealt to you by the machine. Also, you will have to discard a card when another is being dealt to you. After the final card is dealt, make sure that you have at least one combination in order to receive a decent payout. Your opponent is the machine, so make sure that you make all the right moves.

What Makes Tens or Better Challenging?

What makes Tens or Better Video Poker challenging is the absence of wild cards. Here, you have to rely on pure instinct and strategy. Constantly ask yourself – what cards must I let go in order to accommodate an incoming card? Of course, try not to discard cards that can prove to be beneficial to you. These include: tens or better (ace, jack, king or queen cards, to be precise). This makes Tens or Better Video Poker a lot more challenging than other Video Poker games you will find.