VIP Rewards Program

Go Casino's VIP Rewards Program is hands down one of the most comprehensive, respected, and profitable VIP programs online today. On the surface it seems quite complicated to understand, but its many levels and intricacies only serve to make sure that the most deserving people get rewarded as often as possible and as much as possible. The program is chock full of multiple deposit bonuses, weekly cash backs, and free weekly comps which are sure to keep you in the money at every level of play.

It's important to note that at all levels, everyone is automatically eligible for an add-on bonus of 40% on the first 10 deposits between $50 and $1000 and 60% back on the last 10 deposits between $50 and $1000. That's a very stable and generous bonus scheme designed for all players.

Go Casino's VIP Program is Full of Wonderful Details

When you become a member of GoCasino's VIP Program, you start off with the Level 2 bonus explained above.

At Level 3,, you begin to see what all the fuss is about. The Comp Points Ratio begins at 100 points getting you $1 in your account. You're also eligible to receive a 5% cash back up to $5000 every Sunday. In addition, you can garner up to 25%, 50%, and 100% in bonuses on deposits of $50 to $500.

Once you've surpassed this, you're on to Level 4. Here the comp ratio narrows to 95 points getting you $1. Also receive $10 every Friday based on a minimum deposit of $50. The deposit bonuses are increased as well, with a 30%, 50%, and a 100% bonus on deposits up to $500.

The VIP Rewards Keep Getting Higher and Higher

At Level 5, again the Comp points narrow with 90 points earning you $1. Now you're getting $20 back on a minimum deposit of $100 between Friday and Thursday. You get 10% back on your losses up to $5000 every Monday to Friday. Finally, you get 40%, 60%, and 100% deposit bonuses up to $500. Your daily and weekly rewards keep getting greater and greater as you rise to the top of the tier to Level 9.

At Level 9 the Diamond Level, you earn by far the most, with the Comp points ratio all the way down at 70 points earning you $1. You're entitled to $125 back on a minimum deposit of $300 between Friday and Thursday. You get 20% back on your losses up to $5000 every Monday based on game play from the previous Monday to Friday. Finally, the piece de resistance is the deposit bonuses topping off at 50%, 75%, and 100% earning you from $800 to $1000.