New Slots

The heart and soul of a casino is most certainly its games. With games being released on a regular bases, it's always enjoyable playing a newly released slot. There's the anticipation, unexpected twists and turns, and the undeniable excitement of winning a virgin game.

New Releases

Popinata is one such slot that gained notoriety upon its release. With great sound effects and incidental jazz music, the slot became an instant hit. Another new slot released recently is the exceptional game; Purrfect Pets, where cuteness reins supreme! A heavy dosage of puppies to raise the bar when it comes to sweetly themed slots. Incidentally, women seem to prefer them but men also have a soft heart. Time Bender, Dollars to Doughnuts, Arrow's Edge, Texan Tycoon all excellent examples of new and engaging slots, some of them worthy of classic status.


Many slots have themes that reflect certain events during the year. Halloween; Christmas and New Year, the 4th of July and Thanksgiving all come to mind. You will find games about every theme under the sun.


Anticipation is always high when a sequel to a popular slot is planned. Take Shopping Spree for instance. Another game directed primarily at women (who love to shop). It's sequel Shopping Spree II was so hotly anticipated that the hype surrounding its release was akin to the release of the movie Rocky 2!! If a slot is popular enough, why not release a sequel? Of course, the sequel has to be better than the original to warrant it's release. New slots also come with special offers as the game developers try to popularize it. Consequently, many special offers are to be found with newly released slots.

Immersive Atmosphere

The beauty of slot games is that one can be transported to another world, a fantasy world where dreams come true. The atmospheric feeling is irreplaceable. Likewise with traditional casino table games. That mood and the feelings surrounding such table games cannot be replicated. The closest thing to actually being in a land casino is the Live Casino Lounge experience. It puts you in direct contact with the dealers and (almost) replicates the atmosphere.

New slots are being released by the truckload, but quality slots are harder to find. Only the best online casinos can afford the best games. So keep a look out right here on this page where lots of news regarding the release of new games and their respective promotions can all be found right here.