Ultimate 10x Slots

Purity, loyalty and bravery are embedded in the Texas Lone Star Flag. On May 3rd one lucky Texan showed his fearless character on the Miami Club Casino. At that day, Gerry M., who live in Dallas, won a big amount of money on the Ultimate 10X three-reel slot machine game, which belongs to the WGS WILD X series from Wager Gaming Technology (WGS).

Gerry M. hadn't been a member of this casino for long when luck struck him. With his Miami Club Casino account only being about a month and a half old, he managed to get to the big money really quick. While playing his 41st spin on the Ultimate 10X Wild three-reel game, he suddenly hit the jackpot when a '$' reel attribute popped up next to two '10X WILD' logos. This caused his 45 times win to be multiplied by 100. He went from a small $225 win to a staggering $22,500 profit.

But Gerry M., being the brave Texan that he is, did not stop there. Ultimate 10X is a game has an extra feature that lets lucky reel spinners double their profits via the win gamble option. A wheel is spun in this win or lose all gamble feature. When the gamble provides a good result, then the win is doubled. In a thrilling gambling session that would cause everyone present to hold their breath, Gerry M. put all his newly obtained money on the line, and managed to make a doubled profit of no less than $45,000 when the wheel stopped.

Afterwards, he kept it cool, citing that he took the daring gamble with money that he didn't own himself. The lucky Texan further mentioned that he keeps playing on Miami Club Casino in the future. He is now one of the many satisfied members of this entertaining and potentially very lucrative gambling platform.

People enjoy this casino because of its regular slot machine tournaments, the unique selection of games, and the fact that these games can be played on desktop computers or Windows, Android and iOS devices. Visit the casino and try it out for yourself to see if you can also make some big profits on Ultimate 10X and other exciting (WGS) games.