Jurassic Slots

Between 205 and 130 million years ago dinosaurs walked the Earth. This era was known as the Jurassic period and its very essence has been captured in Jurassic Slots for any Online slots player with an interest in dinosaurs and the way life was over 100 million years ago.

After downloading and installing Jurassic Slots the player is met with dark green, jungle-esque colors that reflect the leafy landscape that the dinosaurs would've roamed. There is one twist to this situation though: it isn't actually set over 100 million years ago, but is instead set in our 21st century world. Dinosaurs have returned from extinction and it's up to us humans to keep them under control.

Humans vs. Dinosaurs

Look out for the main human in the 25 payline game of Jurassic Slots: the brunette lady with a gun. As well as her there's a helicopter, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Pterodactyl and of course a Jurassic insect trapped inside amber. To access the bonus game that features in Jurassic Slots you need to line up the 'Bonus' symbols: a pile of three dinosaur eggs.

Jurassic Slots Bonuses

The bonus game will earn you free spins, which double your winnings when you use them. A good tactic is to start betting higher during your free spins, as anything you win will be higher than normal. You may not win anything on your first lot of free spins, but the law of averages dictates that you will do if you keep trying. Bonus symbols in this game can also count toward the 'bonus jackpot' which stands at a whopping $7,650.

Running Rings Around T-Rex

I bet you're wondering what the main jackpot is now, right? Well in order to hit this you'll need to be betting the highest wager on each spin and on all 25 of the pay lines. The maximum bet per payline is $10, meaning that the maximum Jackpot is an immense $50,000! This makes Jurassic Slots one of the most nerve wracking and intense slots games on the Internet, but it can also be a calm one too if you choose to use the minimum bet of $0.01 per payline. New players should also head for the 'auto play' button so that they can watch the game unfold and learn how to play without losing too much money first.

How to Find the Dinosaurs

Once it has been downloaded and installed, players can start betting on Jurassic Slots right away. Our advice is to keep an eye on the Balance and Bonus meters in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, and also to devise a strategy for play and stick to it, so that they're guaranteed a win.