Bonus Slots

Bonus Slots refer to Slot games that have Bonus Rounds as a special feature. You won't often find this feature in Classic Slots; in fact, it is one of the things that separates a Video Slot from the Classic variety. The Bonus Round is often where most of the fun is at, as the Free Spins and Multipliers kick in and provide you with more chances to take home some cash and prizes. Basically, you almost can't lose if you play long enough - the extra credits allow you to do that, and the often unique experience of whatever the Bonus Round has in store animation-wise adds to the fun of playing the Slot.

Landing the Bonus Slot Round

You can easily discern whether a Video Slot is a Bonus Slot before you begin playing, by referring to the information screen. This screen will tell you what special combination of symbols you need to land at the end of a spin to qualify for entrance. Once you get that special combo, the screen usually goes dark - or something like that - in order to set the stage for the animation that leads you into the Bonus Realm. Once there, the Bonus Slot will reveal the things you need to do to win, such as pick a door and receive the prize behind that door, or rescue a princess - there are so many varieties on the market. The selection below gives you some idea of the range of Bonus Slots out there.