Home Improvement Month

Summer is almost here so let’s fix up the house and play some slots on Home Improvement Month.

Twist and shout and win at Triple Twister Slots.

Well shake it up baby now when you play this 5 reels 50 paylines farming and twister themed video slots game from Real Time Gaming. Holy tornados this game sure can twist up some cash for you. Well work it on out with all these great features like free spins, a wild multiplier, jackpots and a random progressive jackpot. You will have all the colorful and well illustrated tools you need and animated symbols so you can keep the reels spinning with a Weather Vane, Farmer, House, Sheaf of Hay, Bucket, Lorry, Tractor, Dog, Wind-driven Generator, Pig, Cow, Twister, and a Lady. The Twister is the wild symbol and the Weather Vane is the scatter symbol. You’ll really enjoy the wide variety of coin betting sizes starting at $0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.04, $0.05, $0.06, $0.07, $0.08, $0.09, $0.1, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $2.5, and $5.00. The maximum bet is $250. This will give you time to shake things up and win the jackpots starting at $4,995, then $16,665 or go for the $49,995. Now you can fly on over to the Triple Twister Slots Bonus game where you can watch things pick up. There’s also a Win-Win feature that brings in even more prizes.

There’s lots of gold to pick up on PayDirt Slots.

Grab a shovel and pick you’re headed for a gold rush when you play this 5 reels 25 paylines video slots game from Real Time Gaming. You’re going to find a gold mine full of features including free spins, multipliers, bonus round and a random progressive jackpot. The graphics, sounds, banjo music, illustrations and robust colors make this game full of gold. You will really enjoy diggin’ up lots of prizes and the friendly cartoon characters will put a smile on your face. Take a tour of this gold mine and these symbols will fill your wagon with cash when you play along with a Bandit, Gold-Seeker, Dog, Donkey, Pay Dirt Sign, along with a Gold Nugget, Gold Mine, Gold Pan, Lantern, Dynamite, Pick, and a Mining Truck. The Gold Nugget is the wild symbol and the Pay Dirt icon is the scatter symbol. The jackpots are a real gold mine if you can hit them starting at $15,000, $37,500 and an amazing $150,000! Now you’re ready to hit the random progressive jackpot and collect up even more gold.

Build up your nest egg on Fixer Upper Slots.

You can hear the tools sounds and the busy characters hard at work on this 5 reels 20 paylines renovation themed I-Slot video game from Rival Powered. With all the money you’ll make you’ll be able to renovate and improve your own home. You can load up your wheelbarrow with all the features like free spins, multipliers, bonus games, jackpots and you can start to build your winning stash. This game is upbeat and fun to play with some great illustration fit for any handyman or handywoman. The friendly graphic design and colorful symbols really motivate you to start building with a Brush, Staple Gun, Shovel, Hammer, Saw, Electric Screwdriver, Carpenter, Ladder, Handywoman, Wrench, Tape Measure, and a Paint Can. The Ladder is the wild symbol and the Handywoman and the Wrench are the two scatter symbols. Climb on over to the jackpots and fix yourself up with some cash starting at $500 for 5 Carpenters, or start a major project with $888 for 4 Ladders. Then if you feel really ambitious go for the $8,888 for 5 Ladders. Now you just have to get 3 or more Wrenches on the reels and turn up your game as you can get into the bonus round. Here is where you get to fix all the pipes and add to your prizes once the plumbing is complete. During the bonus round your bets are also multiplied so you can multiply your prize by 3, 4 and 5 times if you get 1, 2 or 3 Ladders while you’re on the free spins. That’ not all, you can also win $2,500 for 5 Carpenters if you’re betting the maximum $20.

You won’t need a hardware store just a lot of luck when you win big playing slots on Home Improvement Month.