US Style Themed Slots

Every slot game has a theme of some kind, and it pays to think about whether you have a favorite theme too. This is because you will probably be able to find several different games all revolving around the same theme.

One of the more notable themes online today is the US themed slots games. Try downloading and playing the following great examples to see which ones you like the most.

Freaky Wild West

This is a superb game that harks back to the US Wild West. It has a cartoon theme with lots of different characters and it consists of three different towns too.

You have to work towards getting the characters you need to unlock one of three bonus games for Indians, cowboys or bandits. Every time you complete a bonus round you can go on to play in another town.

Independence Day

This is a major event in the USA calendar and you'll get a chance to play the Independence Day slots game based around it here too.

Watch out for the Betsy Ross symbols as three of them will win you some free spins. But there are lots of other USA style symbols to watch for as well, including the White House and the Statue of Liberty. Don't forget the Declaration of Independence itself either!


This is a fun and amusing game that has a lot to look out for. There is a Hillbilly house, a dog and even a pig in a wash tub! There are several other characters to look for as well, as they will appear on the reels and they have the potential to win you some more prizes.

Hillbillies will win you free spins as well if you manage to get them appearing on the reels for you.

Watch out for a huge range of other USA style games too!

You will soon find with a bit of searching that there are lots of slots games online that use an American theme of some kind. Whether it is the Wild West or it has an Independence Day theme or something entirely different, there are lots of options to look out for. For instance Halloween slots are popular as this is a firm US favorite pastime on October 31st!

Make sure you try some of them out - you are bound to find some firm favorites among them. American themes always look colorful and entertaining, and you can win some big prizes too so download some to try now.