Statistics and slots

There have been some interesting and heated arguments regarding statistics and gaming. This may seem strange to lots of people but you would be happier at the end of this revealing and frank write-up.

The truth is that casinos are built to play against you- the player- as much as possible. No casino owner is setting up the business just to make people rich. Do people actually get rich playing casino games? Maybe one in a million! It is a well known fact that the odds are usually always against the player. The casino companies are the ones that take most of the benefits and leave very little for the players. Truth may hurt but this is just a plain truth.

I noticed that there are lots of information vendors online who claim to reveal some 'secrets' of how to win big in casinos. How good this would have been if it were to be true. The simple reason is that humans are weak and will believe some things that seem quite unattainable especially when there is a possibility of profit along the way. Those who sell these forms of casino winning secrets take full advantage of this human weakness and enrich themselves at the expense of these people.

Casino machines are built with the principle probability that the casino will definitely win on the long run. You must loose if you play long enough regardless of the fact that you may win initially a couple of times. If the probability and statistic theories were to be working in favor of casino players, do you think there will still be casino houses? There would all have declared bankrupt and closed down.

However with online casinos and online gaming in general there is an interesting factor: imagine all the money these vendors save in a physical space and lots of staff and security. All this money saved is added back into marketing and jackpots, so winnings in an online casino are more than a brick and mortar casino, that is a fact.

Now regarding slot machines, they are designed in such a way that the outcome is determined by a cycle of probability and few of such lets the players win. This is even rare when compared to the amount of times the machines are used or played before any player wins some insignificant amount.

When you compare the fact that these casino houses are built and maintained at much expense of the owners, than the online business has enormous advantages. And when you come and think that some companies even save millions via offshore banking and avoiding tax, than the math starts to add up.

It is important to state here that nothing is bad if you are thrilled by the experience of winning some little money from time to time in casinos while you have plain fun. You are thinking of getting rich through gambling? Well, maybe you can get lucky, who knows? But that outcome seems much more probable in an online casino than anywhere else.