Video Slots Game

Gods of Luxor Slots

The slot machine was first introduced in 1895 by Charles Fey. This first one arm bandit machine was a basic 3 reel slot game, called Liberty bell because the bell symbol was the jackpot symbol. From then slot machines have increased in popularity and with the growth of the computer industry, video slot games were designed.

Real Slots or Virtual Slots

A real slot machine that is found in land based casinos are made from moving reels, with basic set light variations to display graphics and are more often 3 reel slot machines, although 5 reel games are also featured. Virtual or video slot games are essentially a computer game and therefore do not have any moving parts. The graphics, theme tunes and bonus games are subject to the quality of the game designer. What gives a video slot game the edge over real land based slot games, is that they can offer more choice, a bigger mixture of 3 reels and 5 reels and interactive bonus games.

Video Slot Software

There are many different software companies that specifically design video slot games for the online community, but all of them offer a different quality of graphics and overall ease of play. Two of the best software companies are Wager Gaming Technology and Real Time Gaming, both of the companies push the boundaries in the type of slot games they develop and offer a games that are easy to play and enjoyable. Wager Gaming Technology slot video games can be found in Liberty Slots Casino. Liberty Slots is able to offer unique 7 reel slots as well as multi line slot games. Real Time Gaming offers award winning casino software, and is often found in Bovada Casino, as well a number of fantastic and well established US friendly casinos.

Video Slot Games

There are number of well developed games that are available for players to either download and play or play on line. Some of the best online video slot games include Tomb Raider, Cleopatra Slots, La Fiesta, Atomic bomb and California Gold all of which are available at Bodog Casino and Crazy Slots. They all feature stunning graphics with well matched theme tunes and an ease of play that is renowned from Wager Gaming Technology and Real Time Gaming.

Choosing the Casino

Before playing online slot video games, it is important to choose the right casino that will offer a good incentive package and support. Bovada Casino and Liberty Slots Casinos are two the friendliest US casinos which both offer great incentives and 24 hour customer support. Their sites are also easy to navigate around and very user friendly.