Given the explosive progression of Slots and online casinos in general, it shouldn't come as a surprise to the avid online gamer that the next generation of slot machines has landed. From Classic Slots and lucrative, no-cap Progressives to Video Slots, casinos have been upping the ante from day one. The current wonder of the gaming halls is the Interactive Slot - better known as the i-Slot - which is all that it's cracked up to be. Despite the relatively short time since their inception, i-Slots are already the talk of the town - which, in this case, means that the internet message boards are practically aflame with talk of them. You don't have to keep your ear to the grapevine to hear the clamor, as more and more online casinos follow Rival Gamings lead and incorporate Interactive Slots into their suite of offerings.

What Exactly is the i-Slot?

At the very heart of it, the i-Slot is a story. However, the heart of the matter is hardly all that there is to the concept; it's the application that takes the cake here. Most gamers are used to the fantastic Video Slot and all the sights and sounds it brings; however, in the case of the Vid Slot, the story is already laid out and you're pretty much a static character going through the motions and winning cash and prizes.

In the i-Slot, you play a much more active role in your surroundings and the plot. As an almost fully-immersive experience, the i-Slot allows you to play to your heart's content while the story builds up around you. As you can well imagine, this new addition to the Slots repertoire of the online casino is picking up steam, with many fantastic additions already live. What are you waiting for? Spin your way into the future you want and start playing today!