Springbok Casino African Animals New Years Resolutions

We have just made our first steps into the new year, and since it is a new beginning, many of us have done it with the thought of making a step forward in our personal development as well. New Year's resolutions and promises are once more the topic of conversation among many people.

Goals are being set, behavioral changes become a priority, and the desire to live a better life is once again a thought of mind. Some of us finally make the decision to lose weight, others finally make an effort to quit smoking, and there are those of us that want to focus on being around their family members more often this year. These are just a few examples of the resolutions that we humans determine for ourselves.

However, have you ever thought of the idea that many animals might also think about life improvements that they can make during this start of the New Year? Springbok Casino did indeed answered itself that question. That is why in the first month of this year, it decided to look at the New Year’s resolutions of iconic animals that live in South Africa and the African continent.

The casino actually operates in South Africa, and that is why you can find the fun New Year's resolutions of the hippo, the hyena, the cheetah, the lion and the elephant. Read on and find out what kind of improvements these famous animals have set their minds to during the beginning of 2019.

The 5 Animals and Their Surprising New Year's Resolutions

First, there is the hippo. This animal is not exactly a great example when it comes to behaving friendly. Because of its unpredictable and aggressive character traits, many people and animals fear it and avoid it at all costs. Nonetheless, the hippo now feels regret and is finally determined to improve its attitude towards others. Learning and applying anger management techniques is a goal that this animal has set for itself in the year 2019.

Secondly, there is the hyena. This animal can often be disrespectful towards others. It loves to laugh in everyone’s face, and it does it in a hysterical manner. That is not a good way to make friends, and that is why the hyena has decided to tone it down. Laughing at troubled savanna animals is a thing it wants to stop doing from now on in order to show that it is able to feel empathy towards others as well.

Then there is the cheetah. This animal speeds through life and often forgets to put on the breaks so that it is able to spend some valuable time with its friends and family members. However, this year is going to be different. This is going to be the year in which the cheetah wants to be more sociable. Do you think it will succeed?

Many of us believe that the lion is strong leader. It is the lion’s job to keep everyone in his pride safe and well fed. In many cases, he does a splendid job concerning those tasks, but it now turns out that he can show some improvements as well. At the time that his cubs are the most vulnerable, he is often not around to protect them. That definitely has to change if he wants to keep his family safe. Therefore, the lion takes on an extra task this year, and that task is a family orientated babysitting service. Who would have ever expected that the strong and fearless lion is willing to take on this responsibility?

Lastly, there is the elephant. Most people know that this mighty animal never forgets anything. That can be both a positive and a negative character trait. You will remember all the good things that happen to you, but also all the bad things. To hold a very strong grudge is to carry around a burden all the time. That is why it is time for the physically big elephant to grow big in character as well. Keeping those good thoughts stored and letting those bad thoughts go is the way to go for this animal in the year 2019.

Take Some Time to Think About Your Own New Year's Resolutions

Now that you know the New Year's Resolutions of these five animals, it is perhaps time to think about your own resolutions if you have not thought about them yet. Did you find some inspiration in the resolutions that these animals have determined for themselves? Perhaps, besides self-improvement goals, you have also set yourself the goals of making more profits and having more fun with playing games. In that case, it might be a great idea to sign up for a membership account of Springbok Casino so that you can really start to work on those life-improving goals.

Be aware though, these goals might be much easier to achieve then you think. After all, who does not want to make an effort to have more fun and become wealthier at the same time? Sign up for a springbok Casino membership account today and make 2019 your most successful and fun year ever.