Weekly Online Surprise Bonuses

Octopus's Garden Slots

Nowadays, players have become spoiled. Yes, I'll admit it. We demand that every promotion, banking method, bonus, game, term and condition is explicitly laid out and our hands are held every step of the way. That's why it's so refreshing to come across Liberty Slots Casino's Weekly Online Surprise Bonuses. They don't tell you anything about who is eligible for what, how much, when or why. Only that several times a week, the casino will select random players for the bonus and the only required is that you're playing, nothing more, nothing less. Obviously, the more you play the better your chances being rewarded. Download Liberty Slots Casino now and get your surprise bonus.

Liberty Slots Casino offers Daily Rewards to Keep you in the Money

At Liberty Slots Casino, you earn their unique rewards points while you play. Every $10 you wager will earn you one comp point, whether it's from your bankroll, or your bonus. Once you collect 100 points Liberty Slots Casino will put a dollar credit in your account. Your Comp Points are deposited automatically into your casino account every morning at 4AM EDT. You can use these Comp Points for wagering on any game with absolutely no restrictions. It may seem like not that much, but first of all, every little bit helps, especially free money. Secondly, $10 of wagering goes by very quickly and you earn every step of the way.