Online slots pay out more than land based

You may be wondering if online slots pay better than land based slots or if your odds of winning in an online casino really are better than your odds winning in a land based casino. The truth is it's much easier to win in an online casino than a traditional land based casino! Typically, a land casino wants you to stay and play for lengthy periods of time so you will spend more cash with them. To entice you to stay, they often give you drinks, entertainment, a place to stay and provide places for you to socialize. Sometimes you pay for these luxuries and sometimes they will comp you for them.

When you think about basic business and marketing strategies, online casinos are the underdog when it comes to the effort of getting people to stay and play longer. They offer no drinks, no socializing atmosphere, no lovely hotel rooms and no live entertainment. Thus, they have to offer players something to get them to stay longer and that is where wins come in. They let you win more to keep you there longer!

Experts in the casino industry state the typical payout on land based slot machines are set to 88% of every dollar spent. Thus, the casino basically makes $0.12 on every $1 spent. Online casinos are more likely to payout 95% of every dollar. Online casinos can afford to do this because they lack the overhead land based casinos must upkeep. In addition to these mathematical and business facts, common structure of the online casino helps show players the perks of winning online. Progressive jackpots are a big draw in casinos and land based casinos fall short with these because they are limited to what the company's network of machines contains. However, online slots can gain more access to a much larger network and allow for more progressive wins at larger payouts. Not to mention the sign up bonuses offered online!

Others feel it's wiser to play slots online because your overall cost is lessened by playing from your own home. You don't have the travel cost to the casino, the accommodation and food costs at the casino and casino annoyances (like smokers or drunk revelers).

So, the facts are clear. Online casinos are the way to go when it comes to wanting to access bigger payouts, win more frequently, avoid traditional casino costs and stay away from other annoying casino players.