Guide to Progressive Slots

If you are interested in playing the progressive slot games, then this guide would be useful to you. There are several online progressive slot jackpots available that offer millions of dollars. This article provides you with more info about the progressive slots.

The History of Progressive Slots

The progressive jackpots were added in the early 1980s when the slot makers started adding advanced processor chips to their machines. Each time a bet is made, it would add a certain amount to the jackpot, hence increasing the jackpot size. 1986 was the year at which the progressive jackpots became very popular and the slot manufacturers IGT introduced the first multi – site called the Megabucks. The jackpot was huge due to the fact that players from all over the world would be donating to the jackpot fund during their game play. These machines became known as the linked progressive jackpots and now they are common at the land based casinos and at online casinos.

How do Progressive Slots Work?

Each time when you play the progressive slot machines a percentage of your bet is instantly added to the jackpot. The jackpot size keeps increasing gradually as players keep playing the game. For example, the payout is lower than compared to the standard slot games due to the fact that if the progressive slot game adds a 5% of you bet to the jackpot this means that the payout would have to be 95% less. At some point you would tend to find out that the payouts of the progressive slots are less than 90%. This is an example, but you should bear in mind that the numbers vary widely from each progressive slot game.

Playing Tips for Progressive Slot Machines

The important tip you should always keep in mind is that you should always play max lines. Usually, most often the progressive slot machines usually give jackpots if it is played on max bet. Therefore, if you do not play max, then it can become difficult for you to hit a jackpot. By playing on max bet you can simply click on the ‘max bet’ button and if you are playing the land based progressive slot you would have to check if all coins have been registered before you make your spins.

Are They Worth Playing?

Since the progressive slots have a lower payout percentage it is recommended that you play a portion of your bankroll. If you are able to hit a couple of winning combinations: walk away! Do not chase the possibility to hit the jackpot because you may end up losing all your bankroll. The games can be played for fun as well, due to the fact that progressive slot is more entertaining than compared to the standard slot games. Enjoy them with the strategy described above and you can see your bankroll increase dramatically.

The Best Progressive Slots