Play Video Slots

Before the release of the Liberty Bell slot machine in 1895, slot games did not exist. This revolutionary 3 reel, 1 pay line slot machine paved the way for many of the slot games that are featured in land based casinos as well as online video slots.

On line or on land

Slot machines can generally be found in two distinctive locations, one is in land based casinos and the other is in virtual casinos. Land based slot machines have moving reels, flashing lights and a mechanical theme tune. Video slots are basically computer games, with highly crafted computer graphics, non moving reels and simulated theme tunes. Playing video slot machines has the overall advantage of being able to offer more interactive bonus games and more choice in terms of reel size.

Playing Video Slot Games

A video slot game or online slot machine is the work of a highly skilled team of game developers, some of the best video slot development teams include Wager Gaming Technology, whose games feature at Miami Club Casino and Real Time Gaming, whose games feature at WinPalace Casino. Many video slot games are available for players to download and play or play over the internet. Some of the best online video slot games include Tomb Raider, Cleopatra Slots, La Fiesta, Atomic bomb and California Gold all of which are available at WinPalace Casino and Miami Club Casino.

How to Play Video Slot Games

When playing video slots games all players should first choose a 3 reel or 5 reel slot game, or a 7 reel slot machine, which can be found in Miami Club casino. Once the style of game has been chosen the next step is to find out how many pay lines there are and check out the pay structure. The pay structure is important as it will show what symbols pay out what amounts, if there is a multiplier and if there is a bonus game and how it is activated. The pay lines are equally important as they relate to the maximum number of coins that can be bet in any one spin. The more coins that are bet on pay lines, the higher the percentage of winning big money is. The next stage is to find out what the coin denominations are and then finally if you are going to play as penny slot player or a high roller. Never bet anymore than you can afford to lose.

Choosing the Casino

Before playing online slot video games, it is important to choose the right casino. Miami Club Casino and WinPalace Casinos are two the friendliest US casinos which both offer great incentives and 24 hour customer support.