Hobby Month (US National)

In January you ready to spin up some new Hobbies? Well, it’s time to cash in on the Hobby Month slots.

You’ll see a lot more that just birds playing Watch the Birdie Slots by Rival Powered. Bird watching has always been a great hobby, but it can be even better when you’re winning lots of cash for your nest egg. Let your winning streak take wings playing this 5 reels 15 payline video game. This game is sure to have anyone chirping like a bird in the springtime with all the lovely colors and birds songs. Even the intro movie is entertaining with the animated Bird Watcher. Graphically, the game is designed in the woods with all the pretty birds illustrated like cartoon characters. You get to watch these little birds spin you lots of money. Friends of the forest, these symbols are fun to watch like the Bird Egg, Bird House, Red-crowned Crane, Mountain Bluebird, Cockatoo, Canary, Toucan, Crow, Songbird, Red-worm Crane, Blue Parrot, and the hilarious Bird Watcher. Keep your eyes on The Bird Egg as it’s the wild symbol and the Bird Watcher is the scatter symbol. What’s really fun about his game is the Watch the Birdie Slot Bonus Game. All you have to do is hit three or more Bird Watchers on the reels and you’re in. Then you pick the eggs as they crack and open up revealing a little bird with your prize amount. Just like all the varieties of birds in the game you also have lots of coin sizes from 1 cent and all the way up the tree to a $75 maximum bet.

Turn on the game and find all the treasures you can right at home playing Metal Detector Slots. Life is a beach when you're finding riches playing this 5 reels 15 paylines video game brought to you by Rival Powered. Just like those guys that walk around the beach with the Metal Detectors with all the funny noises it makes, this game really delivers the goods. Your slots game will really pick up some interesting treasures with the icons brilliantly illustrated to bring the game up a notch. You’ll find spinning around great symbols like an old Treasure Map, the Detector Dude, a Gold Coin, Treasure Chest, Diamond Ring, Colt Revolver, Watch, Gold Cup, Jewelry, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and a Ten. In this game there are two scatter symbols, the Treasure map and the Detector Dude. These symbols can get you in the bonus game where you really start digging for treasure on the beach. Just click on your lucky spot and get the number of free spins, then once you choose one of 4 locations to dig, then it decides the amount of multipliers. The sounds of the beach with seagulls is a nice touch during the bonus game, you can almost smell the salty air. Make sure you try winning the jackpots as you can win $4,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 for 5 Treasure Chests.

Home improvements may be a great hobby, but playing Fixer Upper Slots really brings in the cash. This game truly is entertaining to watch and it’s a hoot to play this 5 Reels, 20 paylines slots machine in an animated and humorous remodeling themed game. Just like the sitcom “Home Improvement” this slots game is a show into itself with tons of free spins and amazing bonus games. Lots of animation in this game keeps it interesting and the well-designed symbol illustrations have every thing you need to fix anything. Grab a Brush, Staple Gun, Shovel, Hammer, Saw, Electric Screwdriver, Carpenter, Ladder, Handywoman, Wrench, Tape Measure, or a Paint Can. The wild symbol is the latter and this game comes complete with the Handywoman and the Wrench as scatter symbols. There may be lots of hobbies to choose from in all these slots games, but most of all enjoy winning during Hobby Month.