300% Bonus up to $6,000

If you've been in the online casino gaming space for any length of time, then you've most certainly heard of Drake Casino. As a long-standing attraction, Drake has consistently delivered the goods to its legions of loyal gamers - and their latest offering is no exception. First of all, their Welcome Bonus has been increased to match the growing appetite of all you slots players. Your initial three deposits are now worth an extra 300% Bonus payment from the House, and the limit for the total deposit amount has been increased to $6,000. Here's the quick breakdown:

  • Deposit 1: The Match Bonus is 300% for deposit amounts of $2,000 or less
  • Deposit 2: The Match Bonus is 300% for amounts of at most $2,000
  • Deposit 3: The Match Welcome Bonus is also 300% for deposit amounts up to $2,000

You get the picture from the first, right? Well now you have very few reasons not to make Drake your go-to casino for those nights when you've got time on your hands and want to go hunting for cash. The primary change from how Drake Casino used to handle the Match Welcome Bonus is the way it's delivered over three separate deposits now instead of a single one. It really incentivizes you to keep coming back for more.

The secondary difference is that the old Match Bonus was just 100% - which is a true match bonus by the definition of the phrase, since it doubles the amount in your account by matching what you put into it. For some reason, we don't think you'll mind the increase to 300%! Lastly, the old limit was $5000 before the Match Bonus no longer accounted for any amount over that; clearly, this has been bumped up an extra thousand dollars.

Of course, Drake Casino organizers understand that few online casino gamers put $2,000 into their accounts all at once, which is why the three deposit change is so beneficial - it allows anyone, no matter how shallow or deep their pockets are - to capitalize and earn House cash on each deposit they make.

Drake Casino also has Bonuses and Promotions running throughout the week for people who download the casino software and sign up. Check out the VIP offerings to see what else is available - you could be winning big jackpots using just the House cash in no time at all. Imagine how good that would feel!