Online Casinos Focus on Female Gamblers

Online gaming is hot and it is an industry that is flourishing. Over half of the world is involved with some form of online gambling. The surprising thing to many people is that a very good portion of these players are female. Because of this, casinos and software makers cannot afford to ignore this segment. Those that have followed the trends of women have indicated that women tend to enjoy games like bingo, slots and poker.

Catering to women, some casinos are now offering both bingo and have also opened up chatting features. Women also love slots because there is no competition. Although, more women are turning to online poker in the past few years. The reason for this is that online casinos have softened the male edginess that had a tendency to shun women away in the past.

Some online casinos cater directly to women and you can tell as soon as you enter their lobby. The whole marketing concept is different than when marketing to men. Women are concerned with safety and socializing unlike men who prefer a different demographic.

Women's casinos will have the more delicate colors, games themed more for women, a social element, slots, bingo and scratch cards. There are also different bonuses and promotions that women find more attractive than men do. Men like the glamour and glitz.