Important Decision Regarding Sports Betting

The United States Supreme Court recently made an important move when it decided to overrule a federal ban on sports gambling in the state of New Jersey. Sports gamblers in the United States will look at this decision with great expectations, because it could mean that sports gambling might become legal in various states around the country.

For now, the question remains how long it will take before more states will follow, but the high court has certainly set something in motion with its decision. There are currently a few states in which the systems for the approval of legal sports betting activities are already set in place. Now that the high court has flipped on a green light on legal sports betting, it will be the right moment for these states, which include Mississippi, Delaware and West Virginia, to make their move and fully legalize the gambling activity.

The Second Legalization Wave

The second legalization wave will most likely occur in the states that are currently still dealing with pending sports wager bills. This is the case in places like Michigan, New York and California. It might still take a while before any changes will occur within these states, but the current developments certainly show that things are going in the right direction for the United States based sports wager industry when it comes to the widespread legalization of its activities.