Shaaark! Slots

Shaaark! Slots is a 25 payline, 5 reel game that captures the very essence of the excitement involved in slots games. With vibrant sea-based graphics, symbols, background, sound effects and music it's easy to understand why someone would get genuinely panicked playing this game.

While the characters you see are worried about shark attacks, the player themselves might be excited about getting close to winning the maximum $80,000 jackpot that comes part and parcel of Shaaark! Slots. Yes, you read it right, $80,000! Download casino softwate and play Shaaark! Slots

Swimming with Sharks, Seals, Bathers and More:

Look out for the brightly colored ten, jack, queen king and ace symbols that win you cash prizes if you line them up in the right combinations. Other symbols in the game include a badly bitten surfboard, a panicked seal, a mauled license plate, a 'no swimming' sign and a lazy bather. First time players can always click 'auto play' to get to know the rules and learn what each symbol does before depositing real money to bet with.

Remember - Sharks Can't Swim Backwards:

To be in with a chance of winning the $80,000 jackpot players must simply bet on as many paylines as they can. We recommend that they follow a strategy that will serve to equalize their bets and ensure via the laws of probability that they do clinch a big win. This can be done using a rule of three or four. Start off with the first two or three spins betting very small denominations on all 25 paylines (a minimum of $0.01) and then on the third or fourth go, ramp the wager right up to $5 or $10 on all 25. If on a lower budget, players can also choose to bet on just half the paylines, although this will also halve the likelihood of a win.


No slots game would be complete without a bonus game, and the bonus game in Shaaark! Slots gives players free spins. Gather up three or more scatter symbols on the screen (these can be in any order and on any reel or payline) and enjoy any number of free spins, which when used will also double or triple the possible win. Another good strategy, therefore, is to save some money to bet highly on the free spin games, so that anything you do win is considerably more than it would've been had you played normally.

If You Go Down to the Beach Today:

Players are in for a big surprise with Shaaark! Slots; particularly because of the whopping $80,000 jackpot. To be in with a chance of winning players need to devise a strategy, but way before that they need to download and install the game Online.