Playboy Magazine First Published, 1953

The first issue of Playboy magazine came out in December 1953, so we’re going to celebrate the iconic publication with some appropriately themed slots machines where you could quite possibly create your own fortune and lifestyle just like Hugh Hefner.

Play Mister Money Slots now!Mr. Hugh Hefner may have created Playboy magazine and started a sexual revolution, but he also started his own fantastic lifestyle similar to the one in Mister Money Slots.

Whether you’re a playboy or a playgirl, this slots game by Real Time Gaming has all the trappings of the wealthy lifestyle. Just like all the stories you’ve read about the Playboy fame and fortune, this 5 reel 20 paylines game has them all. Just like Hefner, step into a rich and famous luxurious lifestyle with Mister Money slots and spin up lots of cash with entertaining and cool illustrations of a Lady, Mr. Money, Air Jet, White Diamond, Red Diamond, Gold Chain, Gold Ring, Gold Watches, Luxury House, Red Sports Car, Cash and a Money Bag. Keep your eyes on the sparkling diamonds as the white diamond is the wild symbol and the red diamond is the scatter symbol. There are lots of free spins and multipliers that can give you plenty of free games so you can keep playing. There’s also a nice selection of jackpots that you’ll be keen to win starting at $7,500, $12,500 and $25,000. You can also win a progressive jackpot that keeps going up and up and you never know if you just might be the one to hit it, and watch the money flow.

Play Mid Life Crisis Slots now!Some people have a mid life crisis when they hit a certain age, but the slots game Mid Life Crisis by Real Time Gaming can make it a fabulous and money growing experience.

We’ve all seen or watched someone go through a mid life crisis but RTG puts it’s all in good fun and they cleverly present it into a slots machine; so you can win big on their behalf and have fun doing it. You’ll be chuckling and giggling when you see the entire stereo typical mid life crisis icons they are using in this 5 reel 9 paylines video slots games. You’ll laugh when you see and hear everything in this game and the complete set of items fit for a crisis like a Balding Man, Bike, Cash, Gold Medallion Necklace, Wig, Blonde, Brunette, Red-haired Woman, Parachute, Viagra Pills, a Sports Car, Yacht, and a Jacuzzi. This slots game makes it seem like it’s actually a good time to have crisis especially when get lots of free spins, two bonus games and a progressive jackpot where you can win up to $100,000 if you hit 5 cars on the reels. Just try to get into the bonus rounds and next thing you know a mid life crisis could be a blessing in disguise.

Play Rat Pack Slots now!Well, Playboy magazine did come out in the 50’s and so did the infamous playboy entertainers Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin who now live on forever in the Rat Pack slots by Microgaming.

Rat Pack slots takes these famous characters to another level and depicts them literally as little caricature cartoon rats which makes this game truly amusing. If you’re a fan of any of these historical singers then let their entertaining live on and why not when they can win lots of cash for you today with free spins, two wilds, a gamble feature and multipliers. These rats are truly entertaining, full of color and comedy and the show really does goes on with a classic retro video intro accompanied with great music. The reel symbols complete the show with a Rat Pack Logo, Frank, Sammy, Dean, Doowah Girls, Pianist, Golden Record, Doubling Wild, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and a Ten. You know these playboys had a lot of fun in their days, and you will today in their memory playing Rat Pack slots.

Playboy magazine is truly an American icon and now you can have all these playboy themed slots at your fingertips to make your luxurious lifestyle dreams come true one spin at a time.