Let Them Ride Poker

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Let Them Ride is a poker variation, but unlike some poker variations, it is played against the house instead of the dealer and other players. It is a variation of Let It Ride, a five-card stud poker popular among land-based casinos and also goes by others names such as Let'em Ride Poker, Poker Ride, and Ride on Poker.

Playing Let Them Ride Poker

Let Them Ride Poker is an ideal casino game for people who want to play more games, because it is slow paced, and it allows players to lose less. The gameplay is simple to learn, making both older players and new gamblers play it with ease. There are many game sites that offer Let Them Ride for free or for real money, but only some casinos offer rewards, bonuses, promotions, and other surprises like Liberty Slots Casino Casino. Download Liberty Slots Casino software, choose to play for free or with real money, and Liberty Slots Casino Casino will offer you the best platform where you can play Let Them Ride Poker and other classic and contemporary games as long and as frequently as you want.

Mechanics of the Game: Let Them Ride Poker

The objective of the game is to get a winning poker hand using three cards that form the player's hand and the two cards dealt as community cards with a pair equal to or greater than a pair of tens. The game is played with a deck of 52 standard playing cards that are shuffled at the end of every round.

After making an Ante Bet, the player receives three cards that form a hand, and the dealer deals two more cards on the table, face down, as community cards. The player is then given a chance to raise the bet with the original bet or to continue on with his original bet. After the decision has been made, the dealer will reveal the first of the community cards. Again the player will have a chance to raise the bet or to continue on with the original bet. After the decision has been made, the dealer will reveal the last of the community cards.

Afterward, the Dealer will evaluate the player's hand, combine it with the community cards and evaluate the hand according to standard poker rules. The Player wins if he has the winning combination with a pair of tens or higher.

The Payout

Different card combinations call for different payout rates. Let Them Ride Poker follows the standard poker rules in hand and card ranking. There are nine possible hand combinations available in Let Them Ride: Pair of 10s or better which pays 1:1, Two Pairs with 2:1, Three of a Kind 3:1, Straight 5:1, Flush 8:1, Full House 11:1, Four of a Kind 50:1, Straight Flush 200:1, and Royal Flush 1000:1