Video Poker Slots

Video poker slots are a slot games that are based on a game of 5-card draw poker. Video poker offers a computerised version of the game with slot machine characteristics and a similar sized machine. Within the game, players pretty much bet against themselves and the computer rather than other opponents.

Playing the game

Each player must place a bet before the cards are dealt. The computer then deals out the cards. Just as with 5 card draw players have the chance to keep or discard one or more of their cards. At the end of this round the computer will then check the players hand to see if it fits with any of the winning combinations that are stated in the pay structure. If the game of video poker slots is played via an online casino such as Liberty Slots Casino or Bovada Casino then it could effectively go on for days as the player tries to achieve the best hand.

Poker Varieties

Since video poker slots were first launched in the mid 1970s the game has evolved to include different poker game varieties. These different varieties include All American, Better than Jacks, Deuces Wild and different varieties of these games.

Chance or skill

A poker video slot game is a cross between a game of poker and a slot machine. From a slot machine point of view, some poker video games offer progressive jackpots for achieving a rare Royal Flush, and these games will often feature ‘wild’ cards such as the Ace. However, from a poker perspective it does require a certain level of skill and knowledge about the winning hands, how to play 5 card draw etc, otherwise the player runs the risk of throwing away the good cards. Because poker video slot games are a cross over between the two they are able to fit nicely into many land based casinos and online casinos such as Bodog and Crazy Slots.

Where to Play

Video poker slot games are able to fulfil the desires of slot gamers and poker players very easily. They are a big feature in many of the land based casino in the US. As poker video slot games are essentially a computer game, they have been able to be easily adapted by the online casinos. Two of the best online casinos for US players and other worldwide players include Bovada and Liberty Slots Casino; both of these offer great initial deposit schemes, plus great customer support for all players.