Best bonuses for slots

Every casino player has one time or frequently played the bonus slot machines. Every player knows that the slot machines are a mater of chance so as to hit the jackpot but why do the majority of people play the game? The slot games are very easy to play and these are one of the games that are frequently played by the novice casino players. Although slot games are a matter of chance, players should not take it for granted that it’s all about inserting coins, spin the reels and watch your possible outcome combinations on the screen.

To all slot players before you begin to play your game they should read and understand the payout table. The payout table is very important during your game play because it will show you the kind of winning combinations that are available. In this article we will focus mainly on the bonus round.

Most casinos now offer the bonus feature especially with the 5 reel slots. The progressive slot machines have been known to provide several bonus features than compared to the standard slots. Before selecting or playing your slot game you should understand the payout table and see what kind of bonus features are available.

There are several bonus features that the slot machines offer and the most common bonus feature is the free spin bonus. With the free spin bonus some online casinos would outline on the payout table that if you hit a certain winning combination you will be awarded with free spins while some slots such as the progressive slot machines would outline to you that in order for you to get the free spin bonus you would have to activate the bonus round. The bonus round would have to be activated if a certain symbol appears on the screen frequently or for at least two times or so. This symbol that they normally use for the activation of the bonus round is known as the scatter symbol.

There are also some bonus rounds such as free credits at which players are able to cash them out or at times players would get a bonus round such as a multiplier. For example if they hit a certain winning combination the payout table would outline that if the winning combination is obtained on max bet it will be multiplied by 10 or up to x100.

The bonus round is one of the major factors that differentiate one online slot to another. This is one of the reasons why there are so many online slots available. Therefore, players should read and understand the payout table so as to expect what they will get during the game play.