Video Slots Casino

Slot machines were first invented around 1895 by Charles Fey. Fey devised a 3 reel slot machine with 5 symbols on them, the symbols were; horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and liberty bells, which became the machine's name. The liberty bell slot machine was a huge success and paved the way many successors, with the early slot machines also featuring bells. Today some slot machines still feature a bell symbol and can be played in one of the many land based casinos or online in comfort of the player's home. The online video slots casino has been brought about largely because of the growing computer industry as video slots are basically a computer game.

Video Slots Software

There are many different software providers that specifically create and design video slot games, all of them offer a different quality of graphics, style of slot game and overall ease of play. Two of the best software companies are Wager Gaming Technology and Real Time Gaming, both of these companies offer fantastic slot games that are easy to play and enjoyable. Wager Gaming Technology slot video games can be found in Liberty Slots Casino. Liberty Slots Casino offers the standard 3 and 5 reel slot games as well as the more unique 7 reel slots which have multiple winning combinations and often bigger jackpots. Real Time Gaming offers award winning casino software, and is often found in Bovada Casino. Bovada Casino is a well established casino that offers a very friendly service to all gamers as well as a very user friendly casino interface.

Types of Video Slots Casinos

There are two distinct types of online casinos where video slots can be played these are; web-based and download only. Bovada Casino and Liberty Slots Casino offer both types.

Web-based - These slot games do not need to be downloaded and can therefore be played from any computer that has flash devices.

Download-only - These casinos require the software to be downloaded and installed on the computer. Interactive play is achieved by allowing the gamer to access the casinos specialist browser without the need to connect to the internet.

Video Slot Games

Some of the best online video slot games include Cleopatra Slots, La Fiesta, Atomic bomb and California Gold all of which are available at Bovada Casino and Liberty Slots Casino. All the video slot games that are available at these two casinos feature fantastic graphics with enticing theme tunes and more importantly great jackpots that can be won.