Cleopatra’s Palace Casino

The Queen of the Nile is your hostess to riches that rival Egypt. She provides you with your own, private casino and the best odds since the Ptolemaic dynasty. All her games are comparable to the top casinos in Las Vegas and obey Nevada’s strictest gaming rules.

Cleopatra’s Palace Casino’s cutting edge gaming software is developed and licensed by Real Time Gaming, the most technologically advanced casino gaming software in the world. And with new games every month, there are a variety of ways to win. Download the software and play. You’ll find out why the Romans were all in love with Cleopatra.

Cleopatra’s Palace Casino is here to serve.

You have the option to play for free for as long as you want and there is no age requirement to play the games for fun. All games are fair and licensed by Real Time Gaming software and conform to online gaming laws.

Always a lady, Cleopatra’s Palace respects your privacy and will never sell your information. Your personal information will be kept in the strictest confidence. Cleopatra's Palace Casino is a member of Futura Properties.

And she’s always happy to help. Forget the name of your favorite game? Complete records of your game play history are available from customer service. And they are happy to help with any questions you have 24 hours a day by phone 1.888.512.3769 or by email.

Bonuses and more Bonuses

Cleopatra's Palace Casino has not one, but two sign-up bonuses! And the minimum deposit is as low as $20. All the more reason to choose Cleopatra's Palace for your online gaming entertainment.

Bonus 1: 100% FREE up to $400 with your initial deposit in the casino. (Coupon Code: BIGBONUS1)

Bonus 2: 100% FREE up to $488 with your second deposit in the casino. (Coupon Code: BIGBONUS2)

It’s all about the Games!

You have Choices! They have over seventy games including Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps, Video Poker and an assortment of 3 and 5 reel slots.

There are lots of chances to with Caesars Empire Slots - 5 Reel, 20 Payline - The random progressive jackpot can be won at the end of any spin and free Spins are very common. And all prizes are doubled during free spins!

IRIS 3000 Slots-7 Reel, 1 Payline – IRIS stands for Interactive Real Intelligence Slot. To start you chose to close the doors on two of your seven reels. But wait until you see the bonus feature with laser beams. When an alarm announces "Warning, Warning" and a laser beam stops on the closed door, don’t freak out. This is a good thing.

Or play Mid-Life Crisis 5 Reel, 9 Payline - with the Sport Car Super Jackpot, you win a sports car in the color of your choice or alternatively you can take the $100,000 cash!

Want to try something new? Click a title that interests you and then click the rule-button for detailed instructions. And remember, new games are coming every month. Cleopatra’s Palace Casino treats you like a royal guest and she knows how to throw a party. Now’s a good time join.