Free Casino Video Slots

Since the first one-armed bandit was conceived by Charles Fey in 1887 slot machines have gone on to become a popular and very welcome site in many casinos. The first slot machine the 'liberty bell' was an incredibly successful 3 reel slot game that helped to spawn the creation of many slot machines. With the increasing popularity of slot machines and with internet, it is unsurprising that this has given way to online casino video slot games.

Why play casino video slots?

The advantage of playing a video slot game at an online casino is twofold. Firstly every casino offers new and existing players incentives and bonuses to entice them to make their deposits with them. Secondly the online casino offers all players the chance to experience all the colourful graphics, exciting theme tunes for free, as all online slot games offer a 'free play' or 'fun play' feature which means that no money has to be exchanged.

Where to play

There are a vast number of online casinos which offer great bonuses and free online slot games, but two of the best out there are Bovada Casino and Liberty Slots Casino. These two are perhaps the most friendly and easy to use online US casinos that are available. Bovada is a well established casino that has received praised reviews for its high quality customer service and promotions. The casino offers an extensive range of online slot video games which are available to play online, through download or even on a mobile phone and they can all be played using their 'free play' feature. Liberty Slots is a new online casino, but it has quickly identified itself as being one of the best. This casino predominantly offers gamers video slots and a wealth of other casino favourites which can be played for free.

Play the slots

Both Bovada and Liberty Slots offer great free video slot games, among the most popular include Mermaid Slots and Cleopatra Slots. Both of these slot games have fantastic graphics, exciting theme tunes and an increasing playability. The slots ease of play is enhanced by Bovada and Liberty Slots Casino with there very attractive initial deposit bonus. For the popular Bovada, their initial deposit incentive includes a 100% match bonus and a range of loyalty slots with one of them, Operation NOW which allows the player to choose their own pay structure. Liberty Slots Casino is mainly a slots casino which offers a 100% match bonus for first deposits plus 24/7 customer support.