Common Slot Machine Related Myths

Slot machines are definitely not the most complex online casino games available but in depth they are difficult to understand. Slot games are very popular amongst the majority of casino players. Nowadays all slots have a RNG (Random Number Generator). The RNG determines the payout for each player and the payout on all slot machines is at 95% whether it's a 3 reel slot or a 5 reel slot machine.

Slot Machine Myth 1 - All Combinations have an equal chance

All slot machines have been programmed with the RNG which distributes the chances of winning and losing evenly. There are greater chances of losing and winning the smaller payouts than compared to the chances of wining the top jackpot combos. At most instances, the jackpot combos only appear once and they tend to appear most often if the jackpot gets smaller.

Slot Machine Myth 2 - A near miss indicates that the slot is about to pay

If you have been playing the slot machine for a very long time you will get to observe that at times you will get to hit a combination just close to the big win. These combinations would have been programmed in a manner to highlight to you that a big win is now close and you would have to keep playing. Literally, these near misses do not mean a thing at all. Each spin is independent from the last spin and its outcome is done by the RNG. Therefore, do not be fooled that you are about to hit the jackpot. All slot machines have been programmed in this way so as to keep you playing.

Slot Machine Myth 3 - Once a jackpot is won it won't hit again for some time

To some people they tend to think that when a jackpot has been won it will not be hit again after. This is false, you should bear in mind that every spin is not affected by its previous outcome. It is totally independent from the previous spins and you can possibly hit a jackpot three times consecutively. Here is a small example: Sandra L played

pyramid slot machine

three times during the same weekend an won $43,660 in total.

Slot Machine Myth 4 - Slots are the worst bet in the casino

Slot games may be the worst games in casinos due to their low percentage payouts but they tend to be far much better than other casino games at which their odds are worse. For the novice casino players, playing slots is not bad at all due to the fact that the games are played with great ease than playing games like blackjack and poker which require fast knowledge, strategies and skill.

I hope these few myths give you a better chance at winning and trying your luck, cause sometimes it is all about luck, or as mathematicians would like to say: implicit odds.