Mr. Vegas Slots

Take a trip to the Capital of Second Chances and spend an unforgettable and entertaining night out in the city with the always impeccable Mr. Vegas. He and his lovely showgirl companions will take you on a tour through the city and show you the best spots to make your fortunes. And instead of having to spend time and money on traveling to the real Las Vegas, you can take the alternative route, because Mr. Vegas Slots takes you on a virtual tour through Sin City.

Such a virtual tour will certainly not be disappointing when you realize that it is going to be a magnificent 3D experience that knows no equals. It is slot developer Betsoft gaming that takes you along on this tour. This company is always an excellent and reliable guide when you want visit captivating slot game worlds.

With the help of amazing 3D graphics, dynamic sound elements, unique game play features and plenty of win opportunities, you will have an incomparable gaming experience that is just as satisfying and lucrative as a real life trip to Las Vegas. Spin the reels of this online slot machine and enjoy many special game moments with the mini-slots feature, the money wheel feature, the roulette bonus round, the free spins and of course the standard line payout symbols.

Spin Themed Symbols and Undergo the Complete Las Vegas Experience

This game shows you a paytable when you click on 'view pays' at the top right side of the main game screen. In the paytable section, you will see descriptions of the game's special features and you can also have a look at the line payout overview. At this overview, you will find all kinds of typical Vegas themed non-feature symbols that make a night in Sin City so unforgettable.

Payouts start with a 10 to 50 credit prize which is connected to the card game icon that displays a Spades J and a Spades A. 50 credits are the top prize for this symbol and you receive this amount when you spin it five times on the reels. The next top prize on the paytable is 75 credits, and you earn it when you spin the casino chips icon 5 times on the screen. A gambling night out in the town is of course not complete without some fine liquor, and a bottle of Champagne is the way to drink and celebrate in style. And it is good to know that coins will come with the bubbles. 100 credits can be earned if you spin the Champagne bottle 5 times.

After you've had your drink, it is time to hit the roulette wheel, and it is best that you hit it five times, because then you will win 125 credits. After you've hit it big in the casino, it becomes time to take some pictures of the world-famous Las Vegas sign. You will earn 150 credits, if you manage to place five pictures of this sign on the reels. After you've marveled at the Las Vegas sign, it is time to hit back to the casino and meet the croupier. This dealer is going to hand you some free credits if you spin him three to five times on the reels. He can give a maximum of 200 credits, which you can further use to extend your profits. Such a prize is certainly a cause for celebrations so you better call the butler on the screen for another exclusive bottle of Champagne. And if you want to make it a real party for you and your friends, then it is best to call 5 butlers to the table, because then you receive yet another great reward of 250 coins.

With so much bubbles on offer, it is time to invite a couple of beautiful showgirl companions to the table so that they can join the party as well. These female companions will not come empty handed, because they bring along great cash rewards that they love to share with you. The lady with the dark hair brings along a top reward of 300 credits, and the blond girl offers the same great reward. However, things get even better when the showgirl with the butterfly style hairpiece also joins in the festivities. Make sure that you spin this lovely girl 5 times so that you lay claim to her top reward of 500 credits.

Make It Big With the Special Features

The mentioned line payouts are great rewards that you can take home to enjoy, but you've probable come to Vegas to make it really big, and the special icons are going to help you with that. These icons are attached to amazing features that can instantly transform you into a high stakes roller and an absolute star at the casino tables.

A minimum of three slot machine symbols on any reel position will trigger the mini-slots feature that lets you play with free spins. Additionally, free spins, together with prize multiplier rewards, can also be won when you land the dice icon on the right or left side of the always smiling Mr. Vegas. The two symbols need to be placed next to each other and they need to land on pay-lines one, two or three if you want them to trigger free spins.

This game also has a great money wheel feature. In order to launch it, you need to collect five money wheel slabs at any reel spot position during main game spinning sessions. You can win a lot of great rewards with the help of this money wheel. It is able to give you free credits, bonus rounds, free spins and also a progressive jackpot. The fourth and last bonus feature revolves around Mr. Vegas. Spin him on any spot that is positioned on reels one three and five and proceed to play the roulette bonus round in which you can win Las Vegas worthy rewards.

Spin Yourself a Fortune and Become the Ultimate Star of Vegas

Play Mr. Vegas Slots at online casinos and let Betsoft Gaming introduce you to the amazing Mr. Vegas. This Sin City playboy will take you by the hand and guide you along sparkling shows, clattering slot machines, spinning roulette wheels and flipping high symbol cards. It is now the perfect time to imagine yourself cruising over the strip in a limousine while you sip Champagne and marvel at the glittering neon style beauty that is Las Vegas. And you know that trip to this city will not only give you the experiences but also the cash prizes. Do your best to spin the right symbol combinations on the reels of this game and you might become so rich that in the future you're able to reserve a spot at exclusive high roller tables in the real Las Vegas.